Admins of this Wiki do not have any direct affiliation with KIXEYE!

If you need In-Game help make a Kixeye Community Support Forum post instead of contacting a Wiki Admin.

Please Remember, that this is a community run wiki and is not owned or operated by KIXEYE. The Wiki Admins & Rollbacks are NOT Kixeye employees and have no special knowledge. All information found within this Wiki is derived from Public Knowledge.

Please do not treat this as a place to post feedback, game problems or to ask for the next event date.

Found a bug? Found a hacker? Got banned? Lost event xp/prize? Don't tell us here, We Don't Care and Nothing Will Be Done! Report it to kixeye at Kixeye Support


Admins are people who run the site. They are in charge of the administration and regulation of this wiki. They are capable of blocking users from editing from times ranging from 3 hours to til the end of time depend on the nature of offense. They can place pages under protection if it deemed necessary. They can delete pages, please contact one of the admins if you require a page removed.

They are not kixeye staff there normal people like you and me.

Do NOT report hackers,gltichs, or anything to with the game anywhere at this wki, Kixeye don't run it!. Sending a ticket at KIXEYE – Support will be more helpful!


They undo bad edits in 1 click. 

The rollback feature undoes all the consecutive edits made by an editor in a single article. This is handy if, for example, a user makes eight edits to an article and you want to revert all eight edits. When you click "rollback", all eight edits are undone. Due to nature of this, only trusted users maybe granted this.

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