Unit Class Upgrade Building Production Building
Special / Infantry N/A N/A
Splash Damage Space Infantry Vehicle Air Building
No N/A Good OK Can't Hit OK
File:Zombie-ICON.png  Status Effect Weapon : Zombie Plague  File:Zombie-ICON.png
Adds a Chance to Turn Last Stand Defenders of Infected Buildings into Zombies That Fight For You.

Infected Vehicles Will Also Release One Zombie Upon Destruction.

General Zombie InformationEdit

Zombies are a group of specialized units which comprises of undead or mutated undead created by mad scientist Zechariah Kane, who is the leader of the Rogue Faction: Kane Forces.

Zombies are Non-Player Controlled ( NPC ) Units that appear as the antagonists in occasional Special Events There are four different types of known Zombies to date.

Key FeaturesEdit

  • The Berserker Zombie has Low to Average Health.
  • The Berserker Zombie does Low Damage.
  • The Berserker Zombie causes the Status Effect : Zombie Plague (File:Zombie-ICON.png).
  • The Berserker Zombie has Average Movement Speed.
  • Some The Berserker Zombies may Split in Half ( see below ).
  • The Berserker Zombie is susceptible to Machine Gun weapons such as the Gatling Truck and Flame Weapons such as the Flamethrower and FAV.

Appearance HistoryEdit

Berserker Zombie Appearance History
Appearance Appearance Info
Special Event Undeadharvestevent Operation: Undead Harvest
Special Event Operation-UndeadRising(SpecialEventPageBox) Operation: Undead Rising
Shadow Ops 24px In All Target Bases during Cycle # 4
Thorium Deposits October 15, 2014 Thru October 30, 2014
Special Event 24px Operation: Undead Swarm
Appered Only On Dates Listed. For More Information See Zombies.

Additional InformationEdit

  • The Berserker Zombie's first appeared in Operation: Undead Harvest.
  • The Berserker Zombie being an Infantry Unit may be stunned with the Status Effect: Concussion (Concussion-ICON).
  • Some Berserker Zombie's, when their Health has been depleted, will split in half leaving only the Upper Torso. When this happens they regain full Health and continue to attack by pulling themselves forward with their arms.
  • Pixel Sheet Code : 100 & 101 

Animated GalleryEdit


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