You can now bookmark locations on the world map to fine them later - click any non tile, then click the Star icon to add a bookmark Click "Bookmarks" on the World Map Screen to your bookmarks, The locations of all your friend and 10 locations of your 10 most recent enemies.
  — Game Update May 4, 2012 


  • My Bookmarks - To add a bookmark, click on a non-empty World Map tile, and click the "Add Bookmark" icon 
  • Recent Enemies - The base locations of your most recent opponents in combat.
  • Friends


Do you have places on the World Map you'd like to revisit easily? Now you can bookmark locations for quick access to friends, enemies, and Deposits.
  — War Commander 

DELETE? Are you sure want to delete the bookmark ""Large Thorium Deposit?
  — R.U.B.I. 

Fun FactsEdit

  • fact 1


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