Defense Buildings are one of the three Building Categories in War Commander, the other two being Military and Resource.  These Defense Buildings are structures related to and function solely for the purpose of defending the Player's Base against all enemies.

Icon Name Discription
Wall 1 Barricade Are wall like structures that impede the movement of the enemy on the ground.  Also, Berricades at high levels block line of sight incoming fire from ground Units.
Normal bunker 1 Bunker Are heavily armored structures that house and provide a level of protection to a verity of ground Units.  There are three types of Bunkers each with different advantages over different types of enemy Units.
Defense Defense Lab Is the building responsible for the Unlocking and Upgrading of all Turrets.
DefBarricade Defense Platform These structures are required to mount any Turrets the player wishes to defend their base.
DroneSilo Drone Silo Houses any type of  Drone Air Unit  which are deployed to defend the Player's Base when enemy Units come within a set perimeter.
Go-Go Bar pic Go-Go Bar This building allows the player to test their Base Defenses by attracting Rogue Units.  The Level of the Go-Go Bar increasingly gives the player a Bonus Percentage to all of the bases defending units.
MineFactory Mine Factory This building is required to unlock, deploy and replenish Land Mines used to defend the Player Base against Land Unit. It's level determines the amount of mines the player may place.
Missile Silo WC Missile Silo The Missile Silo houses all of the Missiles in your arsenal. Upgrading this building increases your missile storage capacity.

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