Military Buildings are one of the three Building Categories in War Commander, the other two being Defense and Resource. These Military Buildings are structures related to the Unlocking, Upgrading, Production  and Repairing of Units that are both the defending the Player's Base and the attacking of of one's enemy.

Icon Name Discription
Academy Academy The Academy is where all Infantry Units are Unlocked and Upgraded.
Airfield pic Airfield The Airfield is where all Air Units are Built, Repaired, Scraped and Stored.  It's level determines the amount of Aircraft that may be built and operated at one time as well as the rate they constructed and repaired.
Barracks(Level10) Barracks The Barracks houses all Infantry Units not assigned to a Platoon or Base Defense.  But it's main function is the Training and Dismissing of all Infantry Units.  It's level determines the time it takes to Train and Repair Infantry Units.
RadioTower Radio Tower Lets the Player input their E-Mail in order to receive attack notifications and game news.
StorageBuilding Storage Allows the Player to Create, Manage, Deploy and Repair Platoons.  It's level determines the Total Infantry and Land Vehicles Unit Capacity, Platoon Capacity and the number of Platoons that may be deployed on the Sector Map a any one time.
Tech Center Tech Center The Tech Center is where all Land Vehicles and Air Units are Unlocked and Upgraded.
War Factory War Factory The War Factory houses all Land Vehicles not assigned to a Platoon or Base Defense.  But it's main function is the Building and Scraping of all Land Vehicles.  It's level determines the time it takes to Build and Repair the Land Vehicles.
Workshop Workshop This Building is where Unit Custimiztion is done.  Upgrading gives access to new customizations.

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