Classification Upgrade Building Production Building
War Trophy N/A N/A
This Item is Currently Unavailable for Unlocking

War Trophy Placing & StashingEdit

  • War Trophies, once unlocked in the Event Shop, are available to be placed in the Player's Base by accessing the War Trophies Tab located in the Buildings Menu.

  • War Trophies may individually be Removed or "STASHED" from a Player's Base at any time via the "Left-Click" Menu of the Trophy to be removed.
  • War Trophies that have been Stashed may be again be placed in the Player's Base at will via the War Trophies Tab.

History of AvailabilityEdit

Cerberus 2 Trophy Event Shop History
Event Shop Status eXP Cost / WCP Special Event
Event Exclusive Prize 24px Wave 151 Operation: Cerberus 2
War Trophies are Event Exclusive and only Available for Events Listed. eXP = Event Experience Points / WCP = Wave Checkpoint Prize

Additional FactsEdit

  • The Cerberus 2  Trophy was the 2nd War Trophy to be introduced to the Event Shop.
  • The Cerberus 2 Trophy can not be Targeted or Destroyed.
  • The Cerberus 2 Trophy preforms no actual function and is purely ornamental.
  • The Cerberus 2 Trophy may be placed outside the Base Building Area.
  • Building Code : 71

In-Game QuotesEdit

Are you tough enough to earn the Operation: Cerberus 2 War Trophy? Show off this symbol of power and your enemies will forever know your dominance.
  — Event Shop Description 

Testament to your absolute POWER!.
  — In-Game Description 

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