Building Description The Command Center is the hub of all of your Base activity. CC6
Effects of Upgrade

Upgrade the Command Center to unlock new buildings, upgrade existing buildings, and enhance Defensive Turrets and Resource Producers.

Building Group GENERAL

Stats Upgrade ProgressionEdit

Airfield Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Power Usage

Base Capacity



  Metal     Oil     Thor  
1 - - - - 25 500 4
2 18,000 18,000 0 10m 50 640 2
3 300,000 300,000 0 4h 75 1025 2
4 700,000 700,000 0 1d 100 1625 2
5 3,000,000 3,000,000 0 3d 125 2600 2
6 15,000,000 15,000,000 0 11d 22h 57m 150 3200 2
Total 19,018,000 19,018,000 0 16d 3h 7m

Upgrade Experience (XP)Edit

Experience Points Awarded per Upgrade Level
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
For More information on this see Experience Points.

Building FunctionEdit

Command Center / FunctionsEdit

The Airfield is where the building and removal of Air Units is preformed. It also gives vital information about each Air Units available to the Commander.

  1. Upgrade - base upgrade for each upgrades you get more buildings, turrets, sandbags.
  2. Relocate Base - This allows you to move sector to sector each week for free, or pay gold and you can move anytime within the same sector or another.
  3. Set Nickname - This is your game name.
  4. Base Upgrades -  This is the store that allows you to buy resources.
  5. Move -  This allows you to move your building in the base.

Relocate BaseEdit


Set NicknameEdit

Set name

Base UpgradesEdit


Damage Protection (Bubbles)Edit

  • Another Damage Protection occurs at the start of the Game (They are used to help new players to build-up defenses).
Bubbles or dp

Building Progression Edit

Structure Level Normal Damaged / Destroyed
1 Command Center 1

Command Center Damaged(Damaged for at least 50% when the health bar isn't green)Command Center Destroyed

(A destroyed Command Center)

2 Command Center 2
3 Command Center 3
4 Command Center 4
5 Command Center 5

Additional FactsEdit

  • After the April 19th 2012 update, you can now change or set a nickname by clicking on the Set nick name feature on the command center.
  • After the November 20, 2012 update, the Command Center can be upgraded to LV 6.
  • You can also relocate your base in either a sector that a friend is in, or a random sector, by choosing the Relocate your base button when you have selected the Command Center. This can only be achieved once per week (7 days from the last time you relocated).
  • (Please edit this if you know the date/month that this feature was released)
  • After the February 13, 2013 update, you can now relocate instantly using gold.
  • Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great -- a good name strikes fear in enemy hearts. Now you can change yours as it appears to other players in-game. Go to the Command Center to select an alias. Choose wisely.

Further NotesEdit

  • When attacking, destroying the Command Center will provide you lots of Resources .
  • Unprotecting the Command Center will make it a easy to farm you but make you get a Anti Kondor Base
  • When attacking Rogue Factions , you can destroy the Command Center first to take more Resources and win without taking down other buildings.
  • However, once either the time runs out, or you exit the battle, the base will be gone, and you will not be able to go back for the containers.
  • Check to make sure there are no turrets or mortars behind the Command Center when attacking.
  • Upon destroying the Command Center, lots of infantry will be spawned on the Command Center.
  • If destroying the Command Center last (after pumps and containers), you can just exit battle immediately after it's destruction, versus taking more damage on your units.
  • There is no bonus to killing all of the infantry, vehicles, bunkers, etc.
  • Only destroy those that you need, to provide safe passage to get to the relevant items.
  • Now, just destroying the Command Center does not "Bubble" the player.
  • It is when the health bar turns red.
  • So when the health bar is red, no matter you destroy the Command Center or not, the bubble will appears.
  • During older events, it was wise not to destroy the Command Center until all the other towers are gone.
  • This would make sure you get the most XP possible, because Command Centers only gave 1-2 XP, if any.
  • Destroying the Command Center would make all event bases disappear.
  • However, in more recent events (Red Swarm onward), the event base would not be destroyed until all buildings were wiped out, and xp granted was always the same for each base).
  • Hide your units to catch your enemy off guard. Hercules, Flamethrowers and Suicide Bombers make excellent hidden units.
  • Place them behind the Command Center and other tall buildings to capitalize on the element of surprise.
  • Fixed an issue where players were incorrectly getting a “Full Sector” notification when attempting to relocate.
  • Fixed an issue that mistaking allowed players to relocate through the Leaderboard when relocation is turned off.
  • A 2nd Dozer (Worker) will not be added.



File:War Commander Level 6 Command Center
File:War Commander Preview "Command Center 7 and Defense Platform 5"


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