Classification Upgrade Building Production Building
War Trophy N/A N/A
This Item is Currently Unavailable for Unlocking

War Trophy Placing & StashingEdit

  • War Trophies, once unlocked in the Event Shop, are available to be placed in the Player's Base by accessing the War Trophies Tab located in the Buildings Menu.

  • War Trophies may individually be Removed or "STASHED" from a Player's Base at any time via the "Left-Click" Menu of the Trophy to be removed.
  • War Trophies that have been Stashed may be again be placed in the Player's Base at will via the War Trophies Tab.

History of AvailabilityEdit

Dragon's Oath Trophy Event Shop History
Event Shop Status eXP Cost / WCP Special Event
Event Exclusive Prize 24px 607,500 xp Operation: Dragon's Oath
War Trophies are Event Exclusive and only Available for Events Listed. eXP = Event Experience Points / WCP = Wave Checkpoint Prize

Additional FactsEdit

  • The Dragon's Oath Trophy was the 7th War Trophy to be introduced to the Event Shop.
  • The Dragon's Oath Trophy can not be destroyed.
  • The Dragon's Oath Trophy preforms no actual function and is purely ornamental.
  • The Dragon's Oath Trophy may be placed outside the Base Building Area.
  • Building Code : 93

In-Game QuotesEdit

Do you have what it takes to survive Operation: Dragon's Oath? Win out and claim the Dragon's Oath Trophy for your Base.
  — Event Shop Description 

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