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You can now gift friends (one gift per person per day)
  — David Scott 

 Introduced in the Game Update: Sep. 15th, 2011, Combat Controls represents the biggest change to War Commanders AI UI to date.


Send GiftsEdit

There are 2 methods:

  • Send Resources : Help fellow players by sending them Oil and Metal for free.
  • Send Gold : Gold speeds up the time needed to upgrade, research, build and repair units or buildings. Send some to your friends to help in their quest for global dominance!

Changes To Gifting FriendsEdit

R.U.B.I.'s  AI has been changed, and units that are acting via artificial intelligence will behave a little differently than before.

R.U.B.I. ControlEdit

  • Stationary Units will now have some idle AI. - For example, in a Platoon battle, ever notice your pack of Gatling Trucks stand still as their fellow Gatling Trucks just watch?

Additional FactsEdit

  • Fact


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