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 Introduced in the Game Update: Nov. 3rd, 2011, ??? represents the ??? change to War Commanders AI UI to date.


Setting WindowEdit

Not a fan of seeing dead bodies littered around your base? Are the units voices distracting you from the sounds of explosions? Tweak these and more settings in the new settings window.

  • Graphic : Turn off to reduce CPU load
    • Show dead infantry (blood & gore)
    • Show destroyed vehicles
    • Show Power Plant smoke
    • Show projectile smoke trails
    • Show building shadows
  • Explosions : Put the description.
    • Off
    • Normal
    • Awesome
  • Audio : Put the description.
    • Play unit voices
    • Play base drone movement sounds
    • - + Sound
    • - + Music
  • Other : Put the description.
    • Use keyboard in full screen (Flash 11.3+)
    • Enable hotkeys for unit commands

Additional FactsEdit

  • Fact


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Known Game IssuesEdit

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Listed here are bugs that have been identified with this Feature. Once fixed each issue will be moved to Resolved.

Existing Known Bugs :

*If you notice a new issue not listed above, please contact support here .

Resolved Bugs :

Forum Discussion Links :

  • Kixeye Forum Thread :  (Official)

External LinksEdit

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