Please post any info you have knowledge of and might like to see on this page in the comments, Thinks like Fictional History ( Kixeyes backstory ) or Game history of this faction.

PICTURES ARE VERY GOOD!! Especially if they support your history.

Tip - When attacking Kane's Forces, using units and components that have fire will help a lot to annihilate zombies.  Trick - Be cautious around the Anti-Air Zombies as they will quickly take down some air units and can inflict the plague on your ground units. The best thing you can do is to take out all other zombies in reach first before focusing on the Anti-Air Zombies. Laser Tanks can be very effective from a distance.

The Halloween Event will be starting on 10/23/14! During this event you will be fighting deranged scientist Zechariah Kane and his undead army. Kane's undead army is back and stronger than ever.

Tip - Fire is your friend! Start upgrading all turrets, units and components that have fire damage. Zombies will quickly be dispatched with fire damage. Trick - Zombies are slow and can be kited! Units that can move and maneuver fast will help you kill zombies with ease.

Armored Corps  •  Black Widow  •  Eastern Horde  •  Hell Hounds  •  Highway Zealots  •  Kane's Forces  •  M.A.Y.H.E.M.  •  Red Lokust  •  Ryu-Kai  •  Sickle Syndicate  •  Verkraft
Ironstrike ( Alliance )
Mortal Force ( Inactive )Son of Saints ( Inactive )
Colonel Krampus  •  Dr. Heinrich von Kruger  •  General Mutoto  •  Goro Tazaki  •  Jebediah Jones  •  Odin  •  Sasha Kalashnikov  •  Sergey Kalashnikov  •  Zachariah Kane
R.U.B.I.  •  Shadow Operative

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