Intelligence confirms that the Red Lokust faction are hard at work developing a new aerial unit with the capacity to dominate anything on the ground. We can't let that happen, Commander!.
  — R.U.B.I. 


Operation Halcyon is War Commander's 15th Special Event. As with previous events, Commanders are challenged to complete increasingly difficult stages of battle against a Rogue Faction. For each successful stage completed the Player is awarded Event Experience Points which may be used to purchase Special Units that are otherwise not obtainable.

Event InformationEdit

START DATE July 18, 2013  Depending on the Sector
END DATE July 24, 2013 Depending on the Sector
EVENT TYPE Attacking Only attacking attached Rogue Base
ANTAGONIST Red Lokust '''Sasha Kalashnikov is BACK
DURATION OF EVENT 6 DAYS Event Store open additional 48 Hour


As many Waves as you can handle
BONUS XP STAGES No No Bonus XP for Additonal Objective
XP PER STAGE Progressive Increasing 20 to 30 xp per Wave.

New Event PrizesEdit

The new Units being introduced to the Event Shop in Operation Halcyon are as follows:

Unit Experience Required Unlocking Requirements Classification
Halcyon 34,000 XP Unknown Air
Elite Razorback 10,000 xp Razorback Ground
Gatling Truck Schmatic 15,000 xp Unknown Schematic
File:Halcyon-EventStore-lowqual.jpg File:ERazorback-EventStore-Lowqual.jpg File:GatlingTruckSchematic-EventStore-Lowqual.jpg

Units unavailable this Event:  EnforcerValkyrie and Elite Valkyrie

Basic Play InformationEdit

  • Each Player will have a Special Rogue Faction Base adjacent to their own base. This Rogue base may only be attacked by the player who's is attached to it.
  • To complete each Standard Stage the player must fully destroy the Rogue Base. This means all structures must be completely destroyed. The player may take as much time to do this as is needed with no restrictions on the amount of times they may start and stop an attack
  • Special Objective Waves. Some waves will have special objective which must be completed in order to advance to the next Wave. No extra XP is awarded for completing the Special Objective. The Special Objective is described the following way by Kixeye:

Occasionally, you will encounter bases that require an extraction to complete. After destroying the Red Lokust Laboratory, you will see an Engineer with an indicator above her head. First, send a vehicle to the retrieve the Red Lokust Engineer. Once the Red Lokust Engineer is on-board, an Extraction Point will randomly spawn around the rubble of the Red Lokust Laboratory. Engage the waves of enemy reinforcements and transport your hostage to the Extraction Point to successfully complete the stage. Ensure your vehicle is well protected, as the Engineer will try to return to the Red Lokust Laboratory if your vehicle is destroyed!
  — Kixeye 

  • The Special Units may be purchased during the event. As the player acquires XP they may at any time during and up to 48 hours after the end of the event, chose to spend it on one of the new Units in the Event Shop. Also available in the Event Shop are all past Event Units with the exception of the Units form the Event that immediately preceded this one, Operation: Archangel.
  • The Event ends in one of two ways for a Player. First, if the Official Event Clock expires. The event runs for a limited time of 5 days after which time the Special Rogue Base will be removed from the map. Second, the Player reaches a Stage that he or she can not defeat thus forcing them to resign from the Event.

Additional InformationEdit

  • This is Sasha Kalashnikov third solo Special Event as antagonist.  See participated in Operation: Red Storm with her father Sergei Kalashnikov.
  • Halcyon is the second event with a Progressive Event XP Award.  The Player receives 200 XP for the first wave. Then for each wave completed after the Event XP Award is increased by 20 to 30 XP until the maximum 1300 XP (?) per wave is reached at Wave 40 (?)
  • Unlike in Archangel where the occasional Secondary Objective ( Destroy Helipad ), if completed, would give the player extra XP, The Secondary Objective in Halcyon does not give extra XP and furthermore it must be completed in order to move on to the next wave. 
  • This is the first Event to offer a Schematic as a prize.  Schematic's allow the player to Customize an additional Unit Type in the Workshop to the ones already available, in this case it adds the Gatling Truck.
175px Gat-Schematic3 175px


Intelligence confirms that the Red Lokust faction are hard at work developing a new aerial unit with the capacity to dominate anything on the ground. We can't let that happen, Commander!.
  — First description 

Will update as soon as word is received.
  — Second description 



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