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Advanced intel confirms enemy powers have engaged in secret talks of forging an alliance to push for world map supremacy. Their goal is simple: collectively wipe out anything that stands in their path. Hunker down, Commander- enemy fire's on the horizon!
  — First Description 
File:War Commander Operation Crossfire

This event was classified as a Hybrid Event . Players are required to defend and attack.

Occasionaly, the player would be given the choice about which Rogue Faction they would like to retaliate against, when reaching an Attack Wave.

In the official Event Video released by KIXEYE, the Hell Hounds were described as Stronger and more Ruthless than the Armoured Corps, as such, if choosing to attack the Hell Hound Forward Operation Base when given the chance, the player would be awarded additional Xp upon completion.

Occasionally, players may encounter Blitz Wave. Unlike Standerd Defence waves, they are stronger then normal waves and the Player would only have 5 Minutes to prepare for the Assault. However, the player may trigger then attack earlier if they wish.

If the Player is successful in defending their base and defeats all enemy units, they would be awarded Bonus Xp. Failure to complete the wave and the player would simply move onto the next wave without receiving any Xp rather than have being held back until the wave in completed. 


Eilte Rhino

Elite Mega Tank

Elite Humvee

- Elite Rifleman

-Elite Suicide Truck


The Hell Hound's skilled infantry and Armored Corps' vehicular dominance have joined forces as the Crossfire Alliance, changing the landscape of the World Map forever. There's enemy heat all around us, Commander - are you ready for the fight of your life?
  — First Description 

Both sides of the Crossfire Alliance are on the move, Commander. The battle begins in less than 24 hours - it's only a matter of time before the enemy converges on your position. Will you handle the heat or fall with the masses?
  — Second Description 

The battle has begun! Defend your base from waves of enemy attacks. Once you've regrouped, strike back and send the Crossfire Alliance to their graves. With enemy aggression coming from the east and west, there's no room for mistakes. Give 'em hell, Commander!
  — Third Description 

The Elite Mega Tank could be your best ally... or your worst enemy! The rest is your decision, Commander!
  — Fourth Description 

The battle rages on! Which half of the Crossfire Alliance do you fear more, Commander?
  — Fifth Description 

Less than 24 hours left to vanquish the Crossfire Alliance from the World Map! Don't give up yet, Commander - there's still plenty of enemy blood to be spilled.
  — Sixth Description 

Operation: Crossfire has ended! Well done, Commander - you've beaten back the Crossfire Alliance and shown them they messed with the wrong army.
  — Seventh Description 

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