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The Eastern Horde are as strong as ever, supporting their Thorium monopoly from increasingly airtight Mountain Fortresses scattered throughout the World Map. It's time to put a stop to this before General Mutoto's reign becomes permanent!
  — R.U.B.I. 


Operation Deadpoint 2 is War Commander's 18th Special Event. As with previous events, Commanders are challenged to complete increasingly difficult stages of battle against a Rogue Faction. For each successful stage completed the Player is awarded Event Experience Points which may be used to purchase Special Event Units that are otherwise not obtainable.

Event InformationEdit

EVENT STARTS Sept 26, 2013 Depending on the Sector
EVENT ENDS Oct 3, 2013 Depending on the Sector
TYPE Hybrid Attack and Defend
ANTAGONIST Eastern Horde Lead by General Mutoto
LENGTH 6 Event Store open additional 48 Hour
NUMBER OF STAGES Infinite As many Waves as the Player can Complete
BONUS XP STAGES YES Fortress Stages with Timed Bonuses
XP PER STAGE Progressive Begins at 600 xp and increases a variable amount per wave

Event Stagger Start Time InformationEdit

Click "Expand' to View Information.

( To ensure a smooth launch, the event stagger will be different from previous events. Kixeye will be staggering the event start by individual sectors as opposed to batches. Please read the times below for more information:

  • Sectors 000-049 should all be in by: 09:35am PDT
  • Sectors 050-099 should all be in by: 10:11am PDT
  • Sectors 100-149 should all be in by: 10:47am PDT
  • Sectors 150-199 should all be in by: 11:23am PDT
  • Sectors 200-249 should all be in by: 11:59am PDT
  • Sectors 250-299 should all be in by: 12:34am PDT
  • Sectors 300-349 should all be in by: 1:10pm PDT
  • Sectors 350-399 should all be in by: 1:46pm PDT
  • Sectors 400+ should all be in by: 2:01pm PDT

New Event PrizesEdit

New Event Shop Prizes
Unit Experience Required Unlocking Requirements Classification
Spectre - Unique 48,000 xp Unlocked Raptor Aircraft
Hellfire Schematic 30,000 xp Unlocked Hellfire Schematic
File:SpectreEventPic1.png File:HellfireSchematicEventPic1.png
Sale Prizes - 50% Off
Napalm Turret - Last Chance 15,000 xp Level 8 Defense Lab


Suicide Truck - Elite

11,000 xp Suicide Truck Vehicle
Hellfire 9,625 xp Challenger Vehicle
Hellfire - Elite 9,625 xp Hellfire Vehicle
Rhino - Elite 7,500 xp Rhino Vehicle

Unavailable this Event: Widowmaker, Laser Tank Schematic, Ionized Armor and Heavy Ionized Armor.

Basic Play InformationEdit

  • Each Player will have a Special Rogue Faction Event Base adjacent to their own base.
    • This Rogue base may only be attacked by the player who is attached to it.
  • To complete each Defense Wave the Player must Defend their Base from a Rogue Attack.
    • The Player's Base is considered successfully defended when all attacking Rogue Units have been eliminated while preventing the Player's Command Center from being destroyed.
    • The Player must repeat any stage in which the Command Center is destroyed in order to move on to the next stage.
    • The Player may surrender a stage at any time during the Rogue Attack. After which the Player may then Repair and Adjust the Base Defenses and restart that stage from the beginning.
    • Each attack, they may start from different directions
  • Standard Attack Waves
    • To complete a Standard Attack Wave the Player must Destroy all Buildings and Turrets on the Rogue Event Base.
    • The Player may stop and start the attack as many time as they find necessary. This is no Time Limit.
  • Fortress Waves
    • When Attacking Fortresses troops deploy & attack from only one angle.
    • Bonus Icons will disappear 5 minutes since the first spot of the base. After it is repaired, players can see the bonus icons again, and all bonus xp will be set to 0. Another 5 minutes for destruction.
    • On Fortress bases the Player will be able to earn Bonus XP by destroying targets with Bonus Icons above them before the Bonus Timer expires. The Wave XP and Bonus XP are added together and payed out when the Base is fully destroyed.
    • When attacking a Fortress teh player will have 1 hour to destroy it before it repairs back to full health. Shown by a timer on the World Map. The Timer Starts with your first attack on that Fortress
  • The Special Units may be purchased during the event. As the player acquires XP they may at any time during and up to 48 hours after the end of the event, chose to spend all or a portion of their XP on one or more of the newley introduced Event Units in the Event Shop. Also available in the Event Shop are all the past Event Units with the exception of the Units from the Event that immediately preceded the current one, Operation: Deadpoint.
  • The Event ends in one of two ways for a Player.
    • First, if the Official Event Clock expires. The event runs for a limited time of 5 days after which time the Special Rogue Base will be removed from the map.
    • Second, the Player reaches a Stage that he or she can not defeat thus forcing them to resign from the Event.
  • The prize tab will maintain 48 hours after the event timer reaches 0:00.
    • First, 48 hours after the Official Event Clock expires, the prize redemption tab also closes. You will lose all XP you gained.
    • Second, the Player did not gain xp or the player's remaining xp is 0 at the end of the event, the prize tab immediately closes

Additional InformationEdit

Official Kixeye Links about Operation: Deadpoint 2Edit

Known Event BugsEdit

Listed here are bugs that have been identified with this Unit. Once fixed each issue will be moved to Resolved.

Existing Known Bugs :

  • The FAV sounds loops persist when Flamethrowers stop shooting.
  • Sometimes the Plasma Turrets sound loops.
  • Unit voices persist when the "Play Unit Voices" is turned off.
  • High level base templates in low stages.

Resolved Bugs :

Fourm Disscussion Links :


General Mutoto's Mountain Fortresses are more heavily fortified then ever - accessible only from a single point of launch. This campaign's going to take everything you've got, Commander. Prepare your forces for the fall of the Eastern Horde!
  — Second Description 

Less than 24 hours until Operation: Deadpoint 2 begins! Defeat General Mutoto's Eastern Horde and take the World Map's Thorium supply out of enemy hands. Should your forces reign supreme, the deadly Spectre aircraft could be yours!
  — Third Description 



Brought to you by WC tech - Destroying fortress bases using elite razorbacksEdit


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