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Operation: Red Storm (2014) is the 22nd Special Event to be presented in War Commander .
In most cases Commanders are challenged to complete increasingly more difficult waves of battle against one or more Rogue Factions. With the successful completion of each wave in the allotted time the Player is awarded with special Event Experience Points (eXP) which they may in turn use to unlock Special Event Prizes in the Event Shop.
The Event Format for each Special Event may vary, see below for more information.

Event InformationEdit

EVENT STARTS Jan 23, 2014 Depending on the Sector
EVENT ENDS Jan 29, 2014 Depending on the Sector
EVENT NUMBER 22 Currently Special Event Schedule is 1 per month.
FORMAT Hybrid Both Attack and Defense Waves / Spires
ANTAGONIST Red Lokust Commanded by Sasha Kalashnikov
DURATION 6 Days Event Store open an additional 48 Hours
NUMBER OF WAVES Infinite As many Waves as the Player can Complete
BONUS eXP WAVES YES Fortress Waves with eXP Bonus Targets
eXP PER WAVE Progressive Starting at 600 eXP and Increasing with each successive Wave

New Event PrizesEdit

New Event Shop eXP Prizes
Prize Experience Required Unlocking Requirements Classification
Warhawk Schematic 35,000 xp Warhawk Schematic
Titan - Unique 50,000 xp Raptor & Level 10 Tech Center Aircraft
File:WarhawkSchematic(EventShopBox).png File:Titan(EventShopBox).png
New Event Shop Wave Checkpoint Prizes
Prize Complete Wave Unlocking Requirements Classification
Wingman Wave 72 Warhawk Schematic Epic Tech
Sale & Checkpoint of Previous Event Prizes
Prize Reg eXP Cost Sale eXP Cost Unlocking Requirements Classification
Warhawk 19,250 xp 9,625 xp Thunderbolt Aircraft
Warhawk - Elite 19,250 xp 9,625 xp Warhawk Aircraft
Flame Assault Vehicle 25,000 xp 12,500 xp Paladin Vehicle
Gatling Truck Schematic 34,000 xp 17,000 xp Gatling Truck Schematic
Laser Tank Schematic 25,000 xp 12,500 xp Laser Tank Schematic
Gatling Truck Complete Wave 12 Razorback Vehicle
Hellfire Complete Wave 20 Challenger Vehicle
Last Chance Sale! ( Removed from Event Shop at end of Event )
Prize Reg eXP Cost Last eXP Cost Unlocking Requirements Classification
Crusader 45,000 xp 52,000 xp Mega Tank Vehicle
Past Prizes Unavailable This Event:
Hover Tank  /  Valkyrie Schematic  /  Dual Missile Payload  /  Brimstone Targeting System  /  Viper

Detailed Play InformationEdit

Defense Waves

  • Successful Defense- The Player's Base is considered successfully defended when all attacking Rogue Units have been eliminated while preventing the Player's Command Center from being destroyed.
  • Repeatable Waves - The Player must repeat any stage in which the Command Center is destroyed in order to move on to the next Wave.
  • Surrender - The Player may surrender a defense Wave at any time during the Rogue Attack. After which the Player may then Repair and Adjust the Base Defenses and restart that Wave from the beginning.
  • 360 Deg. Defense - The Rogue Faction may attack the Player's Base from any direction. This is also true for each repeated Wave.

Standard Attack Waves ( Stronghold Waves )
  • Stronghold - For this Event the Standard Attack Waves are called Stronghold Waves & the Event Bases are called Strongholds.
  • Stronghold Hunt - Upon reaching a Stronghold Wave the Players must search for a Stronghold on the World Map. In Later Waves players are required to destroy higher level Stronghold.
  • Stronghold Level - Strongholds are available in Levels 5,10,15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and so on.... Each level increases the amount of XP the player receives for its completion. The player must attack a minimum Stronghold Level equal to the Wave they are currently on (Wave 15 for instance requires at least a Stronghold Level 15) However, the Player may choose to attack any of the Higher Stronghold Levels that are currently on the Map in place of the required minimum Level in order to gain more XP for that Wave.
  • Stronghold Wave Complete - To complete a Stronghold Wave the Player must Destroy all Buildings and Turrets found in the Stronghold.
  • Unlimited Attacks - The Player may stop and start an attack on an Stronghold as many time as they find necessary to complete the wave.
  • Unlimited Time - There is NO Time Limit for completing an Stronghold Wave.
  • Stronghold Wave Frequency  - Players are required to Attack a Stronghold every 5th wave.

Fortress Waves ( Storm Fortress Waves )
  • Storm Fortress - For this Event the Fortresses are called Storm Fortresses.
  • Storm Fortress Location - Each Player will have a Storm Fortress attached to their Base that only they may attack. The Storm Fortress will loose its Protection when the player reaches a Storm Fortress Wave.
  • Storm Fortress Layout - Each Storm Fortress Wave will be a different Layout each progressively getting harder.
  • Single Attack Direction  - Players may surround a Storm Fortress with Platoons to use during the attack, however, regardless of the Platoon's position all Units will enter the Attack from the South East.
  • 70 Minute Time Limit - Players must completely destroy all Buildings and Turrets in the Storm Fortress in 70 minutes to complete Wave. Failure to do so will in the allotted time will cause the Storm Fortress to completely RESET back to full Health. This Timer is shown in the base's info box on the World Map. The Timer Starts with your first attack on the Desert Compound. Once the Storm Fortress has Reset the Player may make another attempt at completing the Wave.
  • Unlimited Attacks - The Player may stop and start an attack on a Storm Fortress as many time as they find necessary to complete the wave as long as they still have time on the Storm Fortress Clock
  • Storm Fortress Wave Frequency - The Player must complete a Storm Fortress every 12th Wave (Wave 12, 24, 36...).
  • Bonus XP Targets : Production Plants - Storm Fortress Waves give the Player a chance to earn Bonus XP by destroying the Bonus XP Targets identified with Bonus Icons above them. However they are only available for the first 5 min of the attack (Timer on screen) at which time any undestroyed bonuses will expire. The Wave XP and any Bonus XP are added together and paid out when the desert compound is fully destroyed. If the desert compound is RESET so are the Bonuses.

  • Optional Spires - At any time the Player may choose to Capture and hold up to 5 Spires at a time.  Each giving a additional 5% XP Bonus.
  • Spire Bonus Application - The Player receives the Spire Bonus at the completion of each Defense, Stronghold or Storm Fortress Wave. This Bonus will equal 5% - 25% ( Depending on the amount of Spires owned ) of the Standard XP Payout for that wave.
  • Spire Capture Bonus - In addition to the Percent Bonus each wave the Player will also receive a flat 750xp for each Spire the successfully Capture. This XP is received at the time of the Capture.
  • Spire Expiration - Each Spire has a limited Life Span of approximately 4 Hours.  The expiration clock starts the moment that Spire Spawns on the World Map. If captured the Player will receive its bonus for the remainder of that Spires Life.  Once the Spire has expired it will be removed from the Map and cease giving the Player its bonus.
  • Spire Sizes - There are 2 sizes of Spires, Small and Giant.  The Small Spire is Level Protected and may only be Captured by a Player who is Level 29 or Lower.  There is no Level Protection on a Giant Spire and therefore may be Captured by any Level of Player.
  • Spire Protection  - Once a Player has Captured a Spire it will be Protected from attacks by any other Player for the remainder of its Life. In other words Player may NOT take Spires from other Players, they may only Capture Rogue Spires.

Ending of a Special Event.
A Special Event ends in one of two ways :

  1. The Official Event Clock expires. The event runs for a limited time of 6 days after which time the Special Event Rogue Base will be removed from the World Map and all Waves will be halted.
  2. The Player reaches a Wave that he or she can not successfully Defend or Complete, thus forcing the Player to resign from the Event.

Event ShopEdit

Event Experience Points (eXP)

Special Event Prizes

Use It Or Lose It
Following the conclusion of the Special Event:

  • The Event Shop will remain open for 48 Hours.
  • Any unused eXP at the time the Event Shop closes will be lost.
  • If a Player has no remaining eXP at the end of the Event the Event Shop will close immediately.

Stronghold Layouts and XP ChartEdit

Layout & Xp for Each Level of Stronghold
LEVEL Layout Award LEVEL Layout Award
5 120px 660 xp   45 120px ? xp
10 120px ? xp   50 120px 960 xp
15 120px 750 xp   55 120px 980 xp
20 120px 800 xp   60 120px 1,050 xp
25 120px 820 xp   65 120px 1,150 xp
30 120px ? xp   70 120px ? xp
35 120px 870 xp   75 120px ? xp
40 120px 910 xp   80 120px ? xp

Spire LayoutsEdit

Spire Layouts
Small (25) Giant (45)
220px 220px

Additional InformationEdit

  • This is the second time the Name Operation: Red Storm has been used as a name for a Special Event.  The first time was Event Number 2 : Operation: Red Storm ( February 2012 ).
  • Kixeye reports that the Spires have less Defenses then they had in their introductory event Operation: Devil's Grip.
  • Unique Prizes have a 2 Event Hold Period before being re-released to the Event Shop. Therefore the Viper & Hover Tank will not be offered during this event.
  • Due to a large amount of Bugs at the start of Operation: Red Storm (2014), specifically Lag Issues, Kixeye awarded all players 5,000 Free XP.  The Spire Bonus Percentage and Capture Award were also raised to 10% (per Spire ) and 1,000 xp respectively. (Forum Link)

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The Red Lokust faction has been hard at work developing a large scale aircraft capable of single-handedly ruling the skies. Prepare your forces, Commander - a storm is on the horizon.
  — 1st In-Game Announcement 

Sasha Kalashnikov's mega aircraft is dangerously close to completion. Go on the offensive and take down Red Lokust bases before it's too late.
  — 2nd In-Game Announcement 

The power of Kalashnikov's Titan is more powerful than we could've imagined. This technology cannot stay in the hands of evil for long. Ready your forces - Operation: Red Storm begins in less than 24 hours!
  — 3rd In-Game Announcement 




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