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CC6 Command Center
Icon            Name            Icon            Name            Icon            Name           
Power plant2 Power Plant 65px Storage 65px Defense Platform
Metal Factory pic2 Metal Factory 65px Barracks Defense Defense Lab
Oil Pump pic2 Oil Pump 65px Radio Tower 65px Missile Silo
MetalStorage2 Metal Storage Academy Academy Go-Go Bar pic Go-Go Bar
OilStorage2 Oil Storage War Factory War Factory 65px Bunker
Thorium-Vault(new)2 Thorium Vault 65px Mercenary Camp DroneSilo(Main) Drone Silo
65px Tech Center 65px Rocket Silo
Airfield pic Airfield 65px Mine Factory
65px Workshop 65px Barricade
65px Aircraft Hangar
Listed in Order of Appearance in Game.

Additional FactsEdit

  • Re-skinned Menus - Menus that appear when you mouse over and click on buildings have been updated to match the rest of the game's look.
  • Kixeye've upped the HP of most buildings so they take more damage before becoming destroyed. This is mostly at higher levels where single mega tanks could fell buildings with a single shot.


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  • Will buildings ever get forcefields?
    • It is very likely, but not on the immediate horizon. This idea has come up several times but unless there’s a special (perhaps timed) objective involved, any time a building shielded itself the attacker would just use End Attack to negate the effect of the forcefield. Any design for a building forcefield needs to deal with this corner case. That’s a solvable problem but there are more interesting options that will likely get built first - AMA with WC Design Team ( Aug 26, 2014 )

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