All users, editors and viewers are expected to comply with's Terms of Use regardless. 

Wikia, this wiki's editors and KIXEYE will not be held accountable  under any circumstances for any damage done by inaccurate information, misconduct of fellow editors and anything else that we can get sued for.

This wiki is not runned by KIXEYE and KIXEYE support is not the be bothered by matters concerning this wiki.

These rules are subjected to change anytime without warning.

General RulesEdit

  1. All content must be kept revelent to war commander. 
  2. No spamming or advertising.
  3. Of course, no vandalism.
  4. Don't make pointless edits, use common sense. Edits for the pure sake of getting badges counts are pointless.
  5. Please, no assumptions or speculation, information here must accurate! Information "leaked" by a CM or kixeye staff counts as accurate, but please cite the source. If you are unsure about the information but want to add it anyways, add a *.
  6. When editing, use propper sentance structure, grammar and spelling.
  7. No offensive articles with vulgar language, or racist remarks. In other words, keep things civil.
  8. Only edit your user page, you may only edit other user pages if you have their permission to do so. Admins have the right to remove content from user pages that violate the rules or rights of others. 
  9. Promoting glitches and hacks in anyway is NOT allowed.
  10. If you have a problem with war commander, account suspension, hackers, bugs, glitces etc... do not annoy the admins of this wiki, seriously don't, send a ticket to the support team .
  11. Do NOT create personal "clan" pages, you may create a blog about your clan.