Building Description Used for all Upgrading and Equipping of Customizable Items to available Units. Workshop
Effects of Upgrade

Upgrading the Workshop gives access to new customizations.

Building Group Military Buildings
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Upgrade ProgressionEdit

Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Command Center
Metal Oil
1 3,000 3,000 25s 3 50
2 44,000 17,600 4m 10s 3 75
3 96,800 38,720 50m 3 100
4 212,960 85,184 4h 10m 3 125
5 468,512 187,405 12h 30m 3 150
6 1,030,726 412,291 8h 0m 3 175
7 2,267,598 907,039 2d 14h 30 4 200
8 4,988,716 1,995,486 1d 20h 4 225
9 10,975,175 4,390,070 7d 23h 23m 6 250
10 19,145,384 9,658,154 11d 22h 57m 6 275
Totals   39,232,871     17,694,949  

Instant Upgrade InformationEdit

GoldCoin-Icon  Gold Cost for Instant Level Upgrades GoldCoin-Icon
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10 TOTAL
For More information on this see Gold.

States of RepairEdit

Normal Damaged Destroyed
File:Workshop1.gif 220px 220px
100% to 50% Health 49% to 1% Health 0% Health
Total Repair Time: 30 sec

Customizable UnitsEdit

20 Units Schematics are currently available for Customization in the Workshop :

Infantry Units

  1. Heavy Gunner
  2. Mortar Team
  3. Sniper
  4. Suicide Bomber
  5. Hercules
  6. Valkyrie

Vehicle Units

  1. Razorback
  2. Rhino
  3. Humvee
  4. Paladin
  5. Mega Tank
  6. Suicide Truck
  7. Gatling Truck (Available only in Event Shop)
  8. Flame Assault Vehicle (Available only in Event Shop)
  9. Laser Tank (Available only in Event Shop)
  10. Hellfire Tank  (Available only in Event Shop)
  11. Behemoth (Available only in Gear Store)

Aircraft Units

  1. Wing Drones
  2. Cobra
  3. Thunderbolt

Customizable ItemsEdit

  • Each Schematic has several Customizable Items, called Components. 
  • 1 to 5 of these components are grouped into groups, called Component Groups. 
  • 3 to 6 Component Groups may be found on a Schematic.

For Further Information See UNIT CUSTOMIZATION.

Additional FactsEdit

  • Officially released on June 27, 2013.
  • The Workshop has the same size footprint on the base as the Academy and Missile Silo.
  • Like the other "Unit Upgrading" Buildings (Academy, Tech Center, and War Factory), the Workshop only draws power when it is in use or being upgraded itself.  In the latter case, it only draws 50% power.
  • Each Unit can have 9 different designs (templates, or combinations of Items). 
  • Units are assigned a design individually.  Therefore, a Platoon may consist of units with several different designs.
  • Prior to being officially released and while still on the Test Server, 2 other units were availiable for upgrading: Mortar Teams and Razorbacks. Both were not part of the official release.
  • Customized units and non-customized units have the same repair time.
  • The icons/symbols of customized units are seen by attackers. This can make hiding them difficult.
  • The Lost Tech can be found in Rogue Faction bases 25+ (random).  Specific factions have Lost Tech for specific items.
  • The workshop capacity is determinated by the level of the unit that wanted to be customized (example: level 7 unit has 700 capacity, Level 9 unit has 900 Capacity), but not by the workshop level.
  • Since the introduction of Thunderbolt Schematic and Humvee Schematic, the military and thorium tech now show the full detail even the tech is not unlocked yet.
  • If a unit already has a modification, and it is changed to a new design template that also has that modification, you do not have to pay for the mod twice.
  • Fixed a bug with the Workshop scroll bar not appearing.

In-Game QuotesEdit

The workshop allows you to research customizations, create designs, and apply them to units.
  — In-game description 

Nothing can stop you now, Commander!
  — Level 10 Facebook Post description 



File:War Commander, How to use 'Workshop', KAD Corp-0
File:WORK SHOP Inventory


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